Use the form below to join Barrington Community Electricity, or to switch to another program option. Alternatively, you may call Barrington Community Electricity’s supplier, NextEra Energy Services Rhode Island, at (877) 200-8619.

  • Your choice will change the price and supplier name in the Supply Services section of your Rhode Island Energy bill. 
  • Based on your meter read date, it may take up to two billing cycles for your enrollment to be reflected on your Rhode Island Energy bill.
  • For new Industrial rate customers joining the Program, OR for any customer that has previously opted out and is re-joining the Program: the supplier may offer you a price that reflects market conditions, rather than the price shown on this website. The supplier will ask you to confirm any such price before you are enrolled.
Your account number may range from 7-10 digits. Please accurately enter your account number without spaces or hyphens. For accounts less than 10 digits, please enter zeros BEFORE the account number, to equal 10 digits (Example, for account number 1234567, please enter 0001234567)
The account code is listed in CAPITAL LETTERS and is typically the first four letters of the last name on the account (for Residential accounts) or the first four letters of the company name (for Commercial or Industrial accounts). You may find it on the upper lefthand corner of Page 2 of your Rhode Island Energy bill under Enrollment Information and to the right of the Cycle number.
This is the physical address of your account, which may be different from your mailing address.
If you are unsure of Rate Class, see the "Rate" line in the "Delivery Services" section of your RI Energy bill. Please note, if the utility changes or updates the customer class assigned to your account, your rate may be updated accordingly to reflect your account’s then-current customer class.

Please read prior to submitting your request.

1) Rates are effective through the meter reads stated above. Rates beyond the term stated above will be announced 30 days prior to taking effect. Your account will be enrolled on the new rate, unless you chose to opt out. You may opt-out at any time, without penalty.

2) Incorrect account numbers, or account numbers provided in an incorrect format, will not be enrolled. Please review your confirmation email and call (877) 200-8619 with any questions.

3) If you submitted multiple requests for the same account using this webform, only the most recent request received will be processed. If you believe you have submitted a request in error, please call (877) 200-8619.

4) If you are currently with a third-party electricity supplier other than Rhode Island Energy’s Last Resort Service, your current electricity supply contract may include a termination fee if you exit your contract early. Please read your existing electricity supply contract carefully before submitting your enrollment request.

5) As stated above, you will be enrolled on the rate corresponding to the rate class assigned to your account. Your request will take effect in one to two billing cycles.